Our Story & Philosophy

Hi, my name is Kim and I started this company because of a 12lb ball of fur and anxiety named Bear.

My dog Bear was put on Death Row, deemed unadoptable because his original owners neglected him and he was afraid of everything. His response to fear was aggression. I convinced them to let me take him home, and slowly started introducing him to the world.

A year later, Bear was not just unfearful, but eager to get out. We'd regularly walk 10 miles on weekends. But I still had to leave him 9 hours a day to go to my desk job. He exhibited no separation anxiety. It wasn't until a neighbor suggested I watch him with a webcam while I was gone that I saw that he howled non-stop all day. He was miserable being alone. And I was doing this to him.

I started Tail Trekkers to improve the lives of other dogs, just like mine. I firmly believe dogs desire as fulfilling a life as we live ourselves. They seek adventure, friendship, knowledge, responsibility. Experiencing the world, and the companionship of others, is healing, fulfilling. That is why dogs fit so well with us - they see a kinship in our way of life. But we rarely take time to see these needs in our own dogs.

So many of us think our dogs are happy sleeping all day, just because our dogs can sleep all day. But think about any time you were sick, or had no plans, and spent just a few days mostly alone in your house. Sure, you can nap, or mindlessly watch TV. But would you prefer to do that every day? Probably not. Neither do most dogs.

I want dogs to smell everything under the sun, to run and swim, to watch (but not chase) wildlife, to sunbathe on warm grass. We do not just focus on exercise, but also slowing down to enjoy the scenery, exploring the senses, learning manners. Even if its only once or twice a week in addition to your own adventures on weekends, it can greatly increase a dog's well-being.

Did you know the average couple in Boston spends about $70 on a single meal at a restaurant? Giving up that one meal could give your dog 2 days of glorious fun each week.

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