Our Story & Philosophy

Hi, my name is Kim and I started this company in 2012 because of a 12lb ball of fur and anxiety named Bear.

I adopted my pug mix Bear from a humane society, and he was terrified of everything. I was probably the first secure thing he had in his life, and he became VERY attached to me. After a year of having him, I realized he suffered from separation anxiety, desptie giving zero tells. I discovered it when I Skyped him from work one day. He'd start howling 20 min after I left, and would stop just before I got home. I knew I had to change his life, get him out of the house more.

I started Tail Trekkers to improve the lives of dogs, just like mine. I firmly believe dogs desire as fulfilling a life as we live ourselves. They seek adventure, friendship, knowledge, responsibility. Experiencing the world, and the companionship of others, is healing, fulfilling. That is why dogs fit so well with us - they see a kinship in our way of life. But we rarely take time to see these needs in our own dogs.

So many of us think our dogs are happy sleeping all day, just because our dogs can sleep all day. But think about any time you were sick, or had no plans, and spent just a few days mostly alone in your house. Sure, you can nap, or mindlessly watch TV. But would you prefer to do that every day? Probably not. Neither do most dogs.

And now, during the pandemic, many of our dogs have gotten used to us being home a lot more. Maybe you got a new dog during this time, and they've never been away from you. While this is a great bonding experience, it is also an open door to create separation anxiety. Your dog needs time away from you, even if its just spending 15 min in the other room, but getting a dog walker is a great way to have them realize there is more to life than just their human parents. And if the day comes that you have to return to leaving for the work day, your dog will have a better transition, having already been in the habit of being away from your for part of the day.

I want dogs to smell everything under the sun, to run and swim, to watch (but not chase) wildlife, to sunbathe on warm grass. To know there's more to life than just your wallks, your neighborhood. We do not just focus on exercise, but also slowing down to enjoy the scenery, exploring the senses, learning manners, making friends. Even if its only once or twice a week in addition to your own adventures on weekends, it can greatly increase a dog's well-being and mental health.

So why choose Tail Trekkers Dog Walking over others?

We specialize in longer walks or hikes, 2 hours (or more if the weather is nice)! Add to that drive time and your dog will be away from home for 3-5 hours total. That's a good amount of the workday and your dog will return home ready for a good long nap. Choosing the morning group gives you the chance to have a quiet work-from-home day, or to get a bored dog out of the house so they don't destroy your pillows or bark constantly if you're gone. Choosing the afternoon group gives you a chance to enjoy your evening after a long workday, to have a quiet night in or a guilt-free night out. In terms of price, it can cost as little as $6.60/hour, depending on your schedule. Your dollar will go a lot farther with us than with other typical dog walkers.

We cannot guarantee a reduction in anxiety or destructive behavior if they already exist in your dog. True anxiety is a problem that requires the help of a vet or behavioral therapist. However, we have seen a reduction in these behaviors in many of our clients, and can be a very helpful part of a routine you build with the help of other professionals.

Please have a look at our Services page for more information about our dog walks, or check our Availability in your area.