Service Descriptions

Please see homepage for all prices.

Day Trips:

There are currently 2 day trip sessions Mon-Fri, AM and PM. We do not do regular trips on weekends.

AM Trip: Pick up between 8&10am, Drop off between 11&1pm

PM Trip: Pick up between 12-2pm, Drop off between 3-5pm

Trips consist of 2+ hours of activity, plus drive time. We do a mix of off-leash, on-leash and "semi-off-leash" adventures, depending on your dog's recall, weather, location, etc.. Due to the far distances we can go, this requires a flex time for pick up and drop off as some days it only takes 10 min to get to our destination, others can take 30+.

We take dogs anywhere we can think of on day trips - woods, beaches, bike paths, nature trails, city walks, etc. Locations change daily and due to the ever-changing weather, traffic and roster, we cannot give clients location updates prior to any walk. If you need your dog back by a certain time, please inform your walker.

Discount 1-2 trips per week = regular price (see homepage). 3-5 trips per week = $3 discount per walk. The discount is based on each calendar week. So, if you regularly book 3 walks in a week but one week you cancel a walk, you would pay the regular price for that one week.

A $5 discount is given to additional dogs in the same household/apartment.

General Trip Requirements: Dogs must be

- at least 7 months old

- spayed/neutered

- friendly, or at least tolerant, with other dogs & people

- not fearful of strange places/noises

- responsive to recall if off-leash, and doesn't pull excessively on-leash (we can try training dogs that pull though).


Select dogs may be welcome to stay at the home of one of our owners or trusted walkers. They will hang out with us just like our own dogs, and receive a short walk in the morning, mid-day and evening. If you would like your dog to join our trips instead of a short mid-day potty visit, an additional $20 upgrade is available.

Dogs must be quiet, housetrained, not aggressive toward cats or children, and go on at least one paid walk with us prior to boarding.

If while you are away your dog proves to be disruptive for any of the reasons above, we reserve the right to drop the dog off at your place and finish the remainder of service at your home as an in-house sitting or drop-by service. An additional fee of $5/day will be incurred if this is required.

If we do not have access to your house while you are away, a $10/day fee will be assessed for disruptive or destructive dogs.


Extreme Weather Policy: If we believe it is not safe to keep your dog out for 2 hours during extreme weather, we reserve the right to drop your dog off early. If less than 1.5 hours of activity has passed, we will credit your account $5. If less than 1 hour has passed, we will credit your account $10. Any walks less than an hour will be assessed on an individual basis.

GPS Device Policy: We understand that new technology makes it easy to track where your dog is, and why you would want a GPS tracker on your dog while they are with us. That being said, because many of these companies store data about where your dog has been on their private servers, and because Tail Trekkers has no way of knowing what data is being collected nor do we have any rights on how it is being used or who it may be being sold to for marketing purposes, we unfortunately cannot allow any GPS devices that constantly track location on your dog while it is under our care. We are happy to use client-side devices such as bluetooth or RFID tracking, which is used for live-tracking in case a dog is lost - these can be turned off and on at our discretion and does not constantly track. This is necessary to protect the location/identity of our clients as well as proprietary information that larger companies may use to hurt our business. We appreciate your understanding.

E-collar Policy: We do not accept any dogs that have been trained using the shock setting on a electric collar, especially if they have been trained to associate any kind of beeping or seeing other animals with pain. If you use one, you must cease using it upon the start of service, and any aggression or anxiety we see as a result is call for immediate removal from service. This is true for "stay over camps" as well.

Extensive Cancellations Policy: The longest we can hold a guaranteed spot for a client who cancels is three consecutive weeks. Or, if not consecutive, if you are canceling "regularly" (20% or more of your scheduled services).  Beyond that, your spot will be opened up to anyone on the wait list or new applicants. This does not necessarily mean your dog will be removed from service, but there is a risk they will. If you return before the spot can be filled, you must not cancel for a period of three months, or we will ask you to move to a Subscription service, during which you would pay the same amount each month and receive walk-credits for any cancellations.