Service Descriptions

Day Trips $30-$35:

There are 2 day trip sessions Mon-Fri, AM and PM.

AM Trip: Pick up between 8&10am, Drop off between 11&1pm

PM Trip: Pick up between 12-2pm, Drop off between 3-5pm

Trips consist of 2-3 hours of activity, plus drive time. The length of activity depends on factors like weather and group temperment. We try to keep to 3 hours as much as possible, though.

We take dogs anywhere we can think of on day trips. We frequent The Fells, Castle Island/Pleasure Bay, The Charles and Mystic Rivers, Danehy Park, Fresh Pond, various greenways, Beaver Brook Reservation, and much more.

Extreme Weather Policy: If we believe it is not safe to keep your dog out for more than 2 hours during extreme weather, we reserve the right to drop your dog off early. If less than 1.5 hours of activity has passed, we will credit your account to align the price with our 1 hr. walk.

Dogs must be:

- at least 7 months old

- spayed/neutered

- friendly, or at least tolerant, with other dogs & people

- not fearful of strange places/noises

- responsive to recall if off-leash, and doesn't pull excessively on-leash (we can try training dogs that pull though)

Day Trips are $35 for 1-2 sessions per week, $30 for 3-5.

1 Hour Walks $23-$30:

Middays only. Pick up is between 11:30am-1pm, drop off between 12:30pm-2pm

Our hour walks occur at locations like the various greenways in the area, various neighborhoods, Danehy Park, The Fells and sometimes we go to dog parks (though not too often - depends on the group).

Dogs of any age, as well as unspayed/unneutered dogs, can participate as long as they can keep up and aren't too much of a distraction. We reserve the right to terminate service for young puppies or unfixed dogs that elicit negative reactions from others, regardless of their own personality.

Extreme Weather Policy: If we believe it is not safe to keep your dog out for the full hour during extreme weather, we reserve the right to drop your dog off early. If less than 30 minutes of activity has passed, we will credit your account $5.

1hr Walks are $30 for 1-2 sessions per week, $25 for 3-4, and $23 for 5.

Overnight Sitting $45/night:

Sitting at the client's house. This covers from 7pm-7am, when we will walk your dog as needed and stay overnight + includes a midday walk the following day.

An upgrade to a day trip instead of a midday walk is available for $10 more.

If you do not have a dedicated parking spot like a driveway, we do ask that you provide a guest parking pass good for the length of stay.

Extreme Weather Policy: If large amounts of snow is expected, we request you contact your landlord or a snow removal service prior to leaving. If we cannot access your house safely and need to shovel or apply ice melt, we will charge a fee comparible to local snow removal companies. We reserve the right to board dogs if we think travel to and from a client's house is unsafe.

Boarding $43/night:

Select dogs may be welcome to stay at the home of one of our owners or trusted employees. They will hang out with us just like our own dogs.

Dogs must be quiet, housetrained, not aggressive toward cats or children, and go on at least one walk with us prior to boarding.

If while you are away your dog proves to be disruptive for any of the reasons above, we reserve the right to drop the dog off at your place and finish the remainder of service as described in the in-house sitting description above.

If we do not have access to your house while you are away, a small fee will be assessed for disruptive or destructive dogs.

Cat Sitting $18:

We will visit your cat for approx 15-20 min, make sure they're healthy, feed them, clean the litter, play with them or pet them.

This is meant as an occasional service, for people going away on vacation or holiday for a short amount of time. We do not schedule regular weekly cat visits.

We are available to visit your cat up to twice a day. Each visit is charged separately, and during some weekends or holidays only 1 visit may be possible.